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Liz the Pirate Queen Victoria Regina Cindy pointing to our ship Vick singing karaoke 'Amazing Grace' Captain Liz Liz by a model ship Family by the pool Vick posing by the sea Vick posing by the pool Another sunset over the Atlantic Liz & Dad at dinner Vick & Mom at dinner Vick by the space center
Cruise 2008 (Mexico)
Mom & Tom Mom at Mayan temple Lizzy lookout Vick & Liz in temple
Cruise 2011 (Grand Cayman, Rotan, Mexico)
Dinner Dinner with Ransom and Propaporn On the dock In Mexaco Kitchen tour Liz on the beach
Cruise 2015 (Mexico, Key West)
Ready for dinner On deck In Key West On Wall St.
Cruise 2019 (Mexico, Jamaica)