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June 2004

Notice the summer wardrobe.
I caught this between snow storms.
1/2 the lake was covered with ice, in late June.
Ricky & Matt
36 inch Northern Pike.
I caught the small ones.
Norval with my 36 pike
We were close to the arctic circle.
This is the sunset/sunrise at midnight.
This was our cabin.
Bear tracks
Bear tracks

June 2007
Tom, Brad, Josh, Paul, Rob and Bear with his 'Bich' Fly home day, Paul, Eddie, Bronco, Jerry, Brad, Tom, Rob
Shore lunch, Ray, Adolph, ??? 41 inch Pike
Warming up by the fire in June, Brad, Paul, Rob Paul & Rob on a fly-out
39 inch trout
June 2008
Fly out with Paul, Ray, Josh, Eddie & Bronco Dinner with Paul, Ray, Josh, Jerry, Matt, Eddie & Bronco
Shore lunch, Paul, Bernard, Leanord, ??? 39 inch trout
35 inch trout Bernard with a 37.5 inch Pike
Leanord with a 37 inch Pike