Go Back Home 2016
3 Girls

Spring Break - Silver Glen, Florida

Cindy and Lizzy on the boat Tom driving home

Springtime in Paris

At the Bread Fair after Sunday mass, Notre Dame Eiffel Tower The Louvre The Louvre Pascal, Tom, Philippe

Normandy, France visiting the Perrin family

Pascal, Vero, Tom, Cindy Camie's graduation party Pascal and Tom fixing things The Porsche

The Loire Valley, France

Cindy at castle Cindy at castle Cindy with wine and bread Tom with wine and bread

Victoria's Geaduation from UCF

Victoria graduated from UCF

Cindy and Lizzy visit Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins

Cindy Liz

Steinhatchee, Florida - Scalloping

Nina and Joe's Wedding in Bangkok, Thailand

Joe and Nina Cindy, Nina, Tom Tom, Joe, ... Vicky, Papa, Momma, Nina, Tom Vicky, Nina, Cindy Ron, Tom

A quick stop in Bejing, China on our way home

Cindy by the grocery store Cindy found a new car

Lou's 60th birthday party in Michigan

The back yard Lou, Greg

Visiting with friends in Chicago

Jack, Dan, Tom, Mark Georges, Marise, Tom

Boating with friends

The ARCA team Neighbors on Beaujolais Day

Dogs - We lost Tuco so we adopted Leila.

Tuco Leila

End of another good year