Go Back Home 2015

Work reunion in Bangkok, Thailand

Teresa, Jack, Ron, Dan, Ann, Tom, Cindy Cindy, Tom, Suwannee, Poonsak Cindy, Tom Cindy, Ron, Tom Tom, Songyos and the BOS OMS Cindy eating Pad Thai Cindy and her new cat Nina and Joe Nina and Cindy Thai boxing

Cruise to Mexico and Key West

Ready for dinner On deck In Key West On Wall St.

Trip to Philadelphia, PA

Tom, JJ, Liz, Maya, Tammy Liz, Maya Tammy, Cindy In George Washington's pew

Family picnic in Chicago

Dave and Eileen Dustin, Katie, Olivia Lou, Thea Karen, Mary Lou, Cherie

Big birthday year; Mom turned 85, Cindy 50.

Ray, Chris, Lou, Mom, Tom, Mary Lou, Mike, Mary Grace, Jeff, Mary Anne Cindy

Cindy's last graduation

Visitors from Chicago, San Francisco, Paris and Bangkok

Tom, Cindy, Nina, Joe Picking blueberries with Georges Kip and Cherie at Blue Springs Tom, Mike, Liz, Vicky, Kip, Cherie, Cindy Pascal, Tom on the back porch Veronique and Cindy Pascal, Veronique, Tom, Cindy Cindy, Pascal, Veronique

Lizzy's Tae Kwon Do

Ready to rumble In class